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   We enjoy being in missions as a family. We are living what we teach (most of the time, ‘cause we are a far from perfect family .. lol) and it is great to see that the kids have their own place in this adventure. Not just being dragged along ‘cause mom and dad said so…

   Our passion? Strong and connected families.

   African families struggle in many different ways. Drug-abuse, alcohol-abuse, teenage pregnancies, gangster-ism, violence, rape and many more problems make the family an unhappy and unsafe place.

   Today, in South Africa alone, 11 million children grow up without their dad. That’s 2 out of 3 children! The effects are devastating and have an incredible impact on the next generation.

   We believe that God has called families to be a safe place. Children should grow up in a healthy family knowing they are loved, finding their identity and fulfill the plan God has for them.

  And remember, healthy families produce healthy communities, which will result in healthy nations! There is hope for Africa!



   We are working with an organization called Youth With A Mission, or in short YWAM (pronounce Why-wham). YWAM is an interdenominational, intercultural organization which operates in 180 countries, with 1100 local expressions and about 18.000 full-time staff.

   YWAM’s mission is: To know God and to make Him known.

For a quick look behind the scenes, here's a one-minute clip about YWAM.



   Although Christiaan is a real Dutch “kaaskop” (which we would literally translate as “cheese head”) he was quickly “sold” to South Africa when Tineke showed him “her” country. 

   After our Discipleship Training School (YWAM’s entree level course), which we did in Kelowna, Canada, we moved to South Africa.

   We did the Family Ministries School, a course that trained us to serve families, to inspire and equip them to become strong and connected.

   Since September 2009 we are working with YWAM Worcester. YWAM Worcester has about 100 full time staff and is running training schools to equip people to serve in the different communities all over the world.


Our role for the coming years has 2 parts:

#1    Locally, in Worcester and surroundings, we are working with couples using the Connecting Hearts Workshop from REAPP (www.reapp.org). It is an excellent tool to use, simple, yet very effective. The focus of the workshop is on effective communication, creative conflict resolution and intimacy. The workshop has different varieties, so we can use it in Youth Groups, Young Adults and even in Business. 

#2    In Africa - as part of the YWAM Family Ministries International Team (FMILT), our role is to bring together Family Field Workers in their areas. (www.ywam-fmi.org)

Practically this means:

  • Establishing Family Ministries Forums (networks of Family Workers) in East, Central and West Africa. To inspire, encourage workers and share the many resources FMI has;
  • Building Family Ministry Teams that work together to serve their communities; 
  • Multiplying the REAPP workshops and helping Family Workers to get started in their own communities;
  • Teaching in the Family Ministries Schools.


We are looking forward to meet new people, and see families encouraged and growing strong!
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We'd love you to journey with us!

   Please keep our family in your prayers.
And pray that the families we will meet this year will be encouraged and equipped to build strong family connections and BE THE CHANGE in their communities!

May God bless you and your family!